A Matter of Balance

The ability to keep balance prolongs life. My Canadian Pharmacy invites you to attend A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls. During classes, you will develop a sense of balance and coordination of movement that can be performed at home and will help delay aging. The task of classes is to adapt the body to everyday loads, adjust the work of the cardiovascular, autonomic, neuromuscular systems, strengthen the musculoskeletal system, and create a good mood for middle-aged and older people.

Reasons to attend A Matter of Balance

You should definitely attend this class because balance exercises give specific benefits:

  1. Increase the elasticity of the arteries and thereby beneficially affect the work of the cardiovascular system;
  2. Improve coordination of movements. This happens due to the training of the cerebellum: it is responsible for reflex movements;
  3. Allow you to respond faster in a critical situation. This is also associated with the training of the cerebellum: it provides our unconscious reactions;
  4. Improve mental abilities: increase concentration, the ability to concentrate;
  5. Allow to master simple movements faster. Again, thanks to the cerebellum;
  6. Increase longevity. According to research results, 25% of those who had the best results in the ability to maintain balance, lived 10 years longer than other participants in the experiment;
  7. Improve the functioning of the vestibular apparatus. It is located in the inner ear and provides information to the brain regarding the movement of the body;
  8. Improve the functioning of the nervous system;
  9. Strengthen deep stabilizing muscles;
  10. Increase the stability of the spine and joints. This is due just to the training of deep muscle stabilizers;
  11. Reduce the risk of injury. The ability to balance, fast work of the cerebellum, trained deep muscles allow you to avoid falls and gain stability. This item is especially important for persons of older age;
  12. Develop “proprioception”. Proprioception is the “body feeling” even with closed eyes. It determines our ability to move in the dark, to perform complexly coordinated actions;
  13. Develop dexterity. Due to the development of “body feelings” (see paragraph above);
  14. Eliminate aging. In particular, balance exercises preserve the motor functions of the body: you can maintain a sense of balance and good coordination at least up to 92 years old;
  15. Keep smooth and beautiful movements. Your walk will be more feminine and relaxed, rather than old-scuffling;
  16. Prevent muscle tremor syndrome with simple movements. With age, the symptoms of overstretching of the muscles become daily: there is a tremor in the hands due to the attenuation of the functioning of the cerebellum. We will not let muscle tremor syndrome appear ahead of time;
  17. Increase cognitive interest in life. Sounds unexpected? Exercises on balance is a great opportunity to extend the joy of life;
  18. Increase social activity. And this, again, the merit of a well-functioning cerebellum;
  19. Improve metabolism due to increased gastrointestinal secretory function. This means that the digestive glands begin to produce more secret (ie, digestive juice) and break down food with the help of various enzymes;
  20. Improve eyesight if you exercise with eyes closed;
  21. Increase hearing acuity due to enhanced blood circulation and the work of the vestibular apparatus.
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My Canadian Pharmacy wants you to be healthy and lead an active lifestyle at any age. Every person (especially after 40 years) is recommended to perform balance exercises at least 3 times a week.

We suggest attending A Matter of Balance! They are extremely useful and do not require great physical effort.

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