Family Memory Care

Family Memory Care is a service for caregivers living with a family member with memory loss.

At least 44 million people live with dementia, which makes it a global problem that needs attention. The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease dramatically changes the life of both the person and his family and friends, but information and support are available to everyone. No one has to deal with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia on his/her own.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia, a condition in which the brain stops performing its functions properly.

The availability of support services and the use of non-pharmacological behavioral interventions can improve the quality of life for people suffering from dementia, their relatives and those who care for the sick. These include:

  • Treatment of concomitant diseases;
  • Coordination of patient care between different specialists;
  • Participation in activities that contribute to improving mood;
  • Behavioral intervention (to help cope with the most common behavioral changes, such as aggression, sleep disorders, anxiety);
  • Increased knowledge of the disease;
  • Creating a team to support patients.

Caring for a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia can be grateful, but requires a lot of work. In the early stages of dementia, the patient may require little care. However, the disease may worsen and the person will need care around the clock.

The most unpleasant aspect of Alzheimer’s disease is the behavioral changes it causes. There are many resources that will help caregivers learn what to expect and how to adapt to changes in the early, moderate, and late stages of the disease.

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My Canadian Pharmacy is a volunteer organization for the care and support of people with Alzheimer’s disease and the search for new treatments. We try to improve the lives of those who have experienced this disease and other dementias. We provide educational and other resources, raise awareness of the disease and urge you to work on the realization of your dream – a world without Alzheimer’s disease! Join Family Memory Care right now!