Caring for Another Person

My Canadian Pharmacy conducts a series of activities aimed at improving the level and quality of life of older people. One of them is Powerful Tools for Caregivers, an education program to help family and friends caring for older adults with long-term health conditions.

Helping the elderly is not the most popular area of charity. You should remember that older people often do not gifts and things but do need constant attention and participation. In particular, help is needed for lonely disabled elderly people and those who live in nursing homes.

Attention, care, creative activities

Elderly people need personal attention, care and respect, creative activities. One of the biggest problems of the elderly in nursing homes is apathy and indifference to the surrounding reality, even to the “loss of personality”. The staff physically do not have enough strength for communication and attention. So it turns out that a person has no personal space and no one is interested in his/her needs.

Older people often lose motivation to do anything at all. To avoid this and to return their interest in life, they need communication, comfortable conditions, proper care. Therefore, it is so important to communicate with older people, give them the opportunity to feel respect for themselves.

It is especially important to give those living in nursing homes the opportunity to be creative, to make their brains work, because after so many years of forced idleness, the old people become weaned from the need to think and do something.

Older people living on their own homes also need communication and creative activity. My Canadian Pharmacy assists involving them in various creative and intellectual activities.

Material and domestic problems:

The conditions in which people live in nursing homes are far from comfortable. Many nursing homes are often in disrepair. The interior of the institutions is very far from our ideas of comfort – state walls painted with paint, unrepaired bathrooms, an overgrown courtyard, 3-4 more roommates. Therefore, any bit of attention and care for these people is a real joy and happiness. Older people living on their own, especially in small cities or rural areas, have material and domestic problems that can be solved. For example, often older people need help in meeting their daily needs – to clean the yard, bring water, clean the apartment/house.

If you feel frustrated or too tired to give to others – it is time to find help for yourself!

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

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